Hiccup #2: Attraction/Repulsion

A Primer:

To stream the entire podcast, click here: Attraction/Repulsion

To download the mp3, wait for the entire stream to load, then select Save as Source” in the right drop down menu.

OR –  To listen separately, select your story below:

A Brief Introduction to Attraction/Repulsion by Dr. Julius Moody

A Dry Spell by Jessica Pregnolato

image by Naropa Sabine

Snake Eyes by Eric Layer

Dr. D’s Well-Storied Skull by Dani Katz


2 responses to “Hiccup #2: Attraction/Repulsion

  1. Snake Eyes!

    Yeah, that was MY story. Perhaps the story of every teenage boy in Southern California in the 70’s and 80’s.

    (Minus the Penthouse Forum encounter at the end. No that didn’t happen to me.)

    I even remember that movie. Directed by Cecil Howard. He made some of the better porn of that time. The thing I really remember about his movies are the characters he and his partner Anne Randall developed – how they were so driven by two things: greed and lust. The lust was a gimmee of course, it being porn. That was over the top. But the greed was there too. Unhinged greed.

    It was a turn on for sure. Nice story Eric. Well done.

    • Yes, well, Northern California too. It was probably the same all over. Never met anyone who’d seen the movie… and I’m sure what I recall is not quite accurate, but that’s why I can call it fiction (and yes, maybe the ending was a bit… elaborated) Thanks for listening.

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